Comparison of online shopping psychology between China and America

we know that the U.S. Internet started earlier, compared to China is more developed, users are also more mature. Take SEO industry, I often look at some foreign SEO blog. Foreign SEO practitioners often find some very professional articles, through a variety of experiments, data analysis to explore seo. China is the largest stone forum SEO with it, basically no a gold content of the article, we mention the problem is the primary. But precisely because of this situation, I think our SEO practitioners in the future there will be more room for development.

focus on today, the Internet is an important manifestation of the development of online shopping in China and the United States, some of the differences between the two. It should be said that China’s Internet development model is a step in the United States that a set of over, so, what the United States first, but how long. Our country will certainly have. Take the QQ, is the first foreign imitation qicq, Baidu search engine is Google replica profit model. The recent hot fried Sina micro-blog is almost copy the foreign twitter.

due to the popularity of American credit cards and third party payment. Of course, the most important thing is the establishment of the rule of law and trust. Bring great prosperity of online shopping. That is, in the United States you do a website, as long as you can be found by the Internet is good. He will place an order. Don’t worry about being cheated. China’s online shopping is not the case. Our present stage of online shopping, mostly rely on a large platform, such as Taobao. By a large platform for the majority of Internet users to establish an online trust mechanism, and then we dare to order. If you are an unknown personal website, even if you have a good ranking in search engines. I believe there will be too many people to order. So at this stage of our personal and small platform shopping sites have very little profit. I believe that in the next five years, this phenomenon will be greatly improved, the future trend of China’s online shopping should be manufacturers and individuals will actively establish their own network sales platform. Shorten the sales process, so as to win more profits.

network not only facilitates the aggregation of individuals to groups, but also promotes the full development of individual. Online shopping trends reflect this truth.

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