Buy operations winter passed the bright spring will come

now the major forums are flooded with the arrival of the winter, the message, I began to talk about my own year to buy things. Do not know whether or not inflow, do. But I still put my little experience, to share with you, after all, e-commerce is the same.

I have a lot of friends, online or offline, will tell me, now is the group purchase "winter", your site is not closed, or gently said to me, you have not been what effect.

actually, it’s good for me to say that this winter is coming. Because many can not support enterprises are shutting down, and I like the small, not too much danger, because there are a lot of new customers to online shopping every day, as long as you something good quality service, as long as we do well, we won’t be harmonious. I often say to my friends, "winter means spring is coming."". As long as we insist on the quality of the service to do a good job, then we will have to survive, and that we may have greater development.


station is very difficult, no goods, no capital to promote, and even some of our partners will lead to leave one or two partners and because of the internal development planning problems, these are for us this small workshop has a great impact. Difficult to survive, we are a small business to face a test. But since the choice to start, or choose an ideal way to work, so we must be able to endure not ideal circumstances.

will be a regular meeting, these are small businesses often do things, we must continue to develop plans, in any case, we have to do e-commerce, we must make a few good:


is the first to solve the problem of supply, to find one or more ideal partner is to continue to find, to communicate.


Below is the

development fund, is to invest in, our company is according to the proportion of shares of capital contribution, like many companies, from the company’s daily expenses, there is our stock funds. Do vertical is such, to purchase their own or on behalf of, but on behalf of the obvious is flawed.


to find some of the credibility of good logistics companies to carry out cooperation in the logistics price can be done more than the contrast, the most important thing is the credibility of logistics, and to reach a wide range of areas.

promotion off

this is very important, now is not the era of wine is not afraid of deep alley, we want their visibility to play out. Clear division of labor, to buy the major navigation submitted included applications, as well as the site to try to do a good job of SEO, such as Baidu included, and so on, there is a good activity and necessary ranking, etc.

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