Cold chain logistics is fresh transportation short board nternet heating cold chain transportation

2016 China food industry trends report shows that the online platform has become the fastest growing distribution channels. Fresh electricity supplier with its high gross margin, high frequency of consumption, in recent years has always been in the eyes of the electronic business platform focus". 2015 fresh electricity supplier transactions reached 56 billion yuan, continue to maintain rapid growth is expected in 2018 will reach $128 billion 300 million.


however, how will the fresh products from the fields of quality and freshness to send the consumer’s table? "Bubble box + ice" is not the true sense of the standard, which also highlights the cold chain logistics industry, short board current and future prospects. Data show that the cold chain costs accounted for more than 40% of fresh electricity supplier price, 2015 cold chain logistics market size of $150 billion 900 million, an increase of 22%, fresh electricity supplier to its incremental work.

but the impact of the Internet on the cold chain logistics not only stay in the body, trying to change our traditional cold chain logistics "small scattered" situation at the same time, the Internet enterprises and logistics enterprises at the same time to appreciate the passion and confusion.

gap has great potential

passion comes from huge market space. Although China’s cold chain market size has reached 1.12 tons, but compared with the developed countries there is still a big gap: in 2014 China’s highway refrigerated car ownership of the number of vehicles, the United States is 250 thousand, Japan is the 150 thousand car. Cai Jinceng, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said: China’s integrated cold chain circulation of less than 20%, while the United States, Japan, respectively, reached 90% and 98%. AUCMA (5.770, 0.05, 0.87%) Limited by Share Ltd chairman Li Yu said, due to the cold chain capacity shortage, fresh electricity in the cold chain transportation needs more than 50% products, but only 10% of the real use of the cold chain, "bubble box + ice" is not a matter of expediency.

passion also comes from the continuous release of policy dividends. "The State Council on promoting" Internet plus "action guidance" made it clear that, to solve the key problems of agricultural product standardization, standardization of logistics, cold chain storage construction, encourage the development of community distribution pattern from mentioning cabinet, cold chain storage cabinets, collecting new community service points. In 2016, the central document, cold chain distribution is considered to promote agricultural products (14.65, 0.09, 0.62%) supply side of an important part of the reform, pointed out the need to improve inter regional agricultural products cold chain logistics system, carry out the cold chain standardization demonstration, the implementation of special agricultural products in pre cooling engineering. At the same time, promote and accelerate the development of rural e-commerce, forming the integration of online and offline, agricultural products and consumer goods to the countryside and agricultural town two-way circulation pattern".

The combination of

brings the rapid development of the cold chain industry and the enthusiasm of the capital market. Data from third party research institutions show that in 2015 the national cold

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