Automotive electricity supplier young upgrade Chery and Jingdong pat Guangzhou auto show strategy

annual Guangzhou International Auto Show on November 20th officially opened the curtain. Different from the past, in the present tide of Internet is the subversion of all trends, especially this year eleven is not a small electric car detonated Car Buying climax, reflected with the Internet thinking of the marketing activities in this show is more obvious. On the day of the launch conference, Chery reached a strategic cooperation with Jingdong pat, exploration of mobile social vehicle model to carry out comprehensive cooperation based on, Chery became the first real attempt mobile car brand.

opening day, the independent brand Chery inventive, signed at the auto show scene and C2C business platform pat Jingdong held the 2015 annual strategic cooperation ceremony, announced that the two sides will cooperate to Internet thinking led to consumer demand as the center, based on the mobile terminal with a new exploration of social relationships family car sales model. The general manager of Chery automobile marketing company Huang Huaqiong, vice president of Chery automobile PR Director Wan Rui and Song Yang, pat pat Jingdong Jingdong merchandise category system of the automobile business director into good two business leaders attended the signing event, to witness this to create a "vehicle mobile electric business innovation model of the historic moment.

content display, Chery and Jingdong, cooperation in 2015 will be fully launched, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on the Internet thinking "Internet plus car based on +N project, covering all models of Chery automobile sales, user data mining and analysis and the new mode of innovation, explore the multi-dimensional marketing mode of mobile terminal. At the technical level of cooperation docking, Chery will through electronic business service partner Shanghai network docking Jingdong pat, unified operation.

general manager of Chery automobile marketing company Huang Huaqiong said, "Chery is listed the first strategic A0 class sedan AI Ruize 3, is full of strength and passion of the dynamic appearance, bring the German Benteler excellent chassis technology of the ultimate control performance and development of 73% high strength steel cage body cast five-star safety standards, and equipped with Cloudrive 1 Lite Zhiyun entertainment traffic system, in line with the younger generation of consumers online shopping habits of the Car Buying demand. We cooperate with the Jingdong to pat, and try to explore new business models, through the network sales data analysis, the new pre-sale activities for the pan 90 Internet generation of young people, this can be given by the industry as "the young king A0 control models’ label. "

Jingdong, vice president Song Yang said, "as the leading enterprise of independent brands, Chery not only has a certain influence on the brand in the automotive industry, more importantly, has the most popular Internet thinking, philosophy, very fit and pat pat Network 2014 business strategy, pushing mobile strategy is more suitable for the younger generation of consumption the trend to pat micro shop based, consumer ecological platform is committed to creating a PC and mobile terminal integration. This strategic cooperation with Chery Jingdong pat, is a new exploration in line with the young consumer trends "new product platform + precise" marketing model based on both sides. Along with

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