Where is the guest make money execution

We all know that

Amoy a lot of money, but there is no execution as not to earn money, most Amoy not earn money, only a small part of earn, exclude than objective reasons is that there is no execution or execution is not strong. The webmaster circles popular saying: "the implementation of the first" Tao also cannot do without execution. So where is the execution of Taobao customers? I am not only, groping for two years some experience with everyone in the A5 platform to share.

first, the online shopping market analysis. Taobao is the guest play a sales role, sell the products to the Commission to take online shopping market analysis, which products in the online shopping accounts for a large proportion, some products in online shopping is simply not many sales, do not find out how much turnover, turnover of the product to do, chances of turnover big, take Commission, for example, now women in online shopping in the largest market share.

two, select products. This is very important in the selection of products not only to see the commission ratio but also its store credit and praise rate, low credit rate from almost store products, do not choose, here again, store the user experience is an important factor in facilitating transactions, so in choosing products this should be taken into account. If you are ready to do a single page to promote products also need to analyze competitors and search rate, in the Baidu search keywords related products to see how many people are there in the product in this keyword, see if you can compete with the competitors, now these high commission products have a lot of violence in the master, even use station group doing keyword in choosing products so you must choose not too hot and too much competition.

three, build website, do optimization. This is the Amoy promotion means the most mainstream at present, before the third party can use blog to promote, but now they have blocked Taobao customers, not in the blog link Amoy, so only the website, is also the best way to build the website not in today’s conversation, do not say, can find some information in online learning. After the site built is the most important operation and maintenance, which is the most important place to reflect your execution, no traffic to the website does not have any value, not to mention the money flow, from where, depending on how you optimize the keywords, do search engine home, traffic crashed to the. Daily energy are used in the basic update website promotion, competitor analysis, select the appropriate keywords, product launches, update the content, the hair of the chain, I made a website promotion plan to do optimization, where every post, every Monday, soft article update my blog every day, every day the exchange two high quality Links, now I have been shopping net weight Babanu accumulated outside the chain also has 9170. This is all we need to implement the optimization ranking is not a short duration of time, must adhere to do these things every day, the accumulation of a certain weight will be from quantitative to qualitative change, then flow up turnover is also increasing, your income is also rising.

guest today is very fierce competition, "

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