Liu Shuang the better the front end the better the better the back end

recently, the second sent on behalf of the annual meeting held in Beijing, the national 800 well-known electricity supplier and CEO professionals will focus on the theme of the annual meeting of "Shen" interpretation of the status of the industry, industry insight into the opportunities, break through the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the driving force for the electricity supplier industry benign. China Electronic Commerce Research Center as a professional organization for e-commerce, for the conference to do graphic broadcast.

At the

meeting, Liu Shuang, assistant president of Jingdong mall interpretation of the current e-commerce needs to understand the status of the core industry.

B2C industry future trends

e-commerce has four stages:

the first stage is the initial stage, Dangdang, the rise of excellence are relying on the three portals;

second is 04 to 08 years, this is a new stage, began to appear a variety of category at this stage, 3C, clothing, bags, shoes run out, all B2C types are out.

the third stage, from the beginning of the year to 2010, is staking stage, there have been a number of mergers and acquisitions, such as this year up to now, there are 30 on the scale of the acquisition we know. To 13 years, because at that time the end of staking.

is the fourth stage of a comprehensive competitive stage, the entire industry will fall to single digits, big fish eat small fish, and now China is concerned, or the third stage. In the United States has almost fourth stages. In the United States, many small and medium enterprises want to dream.

is currently the industry’s top three there is a situation, Jingdong is equivalent to Wei Guo, he is the largest. The Amazon, is his background is also, like Amazon accounted for half of the Tencent, Dangdang in the department store is relatively small. This is a part of the top three. We look at the future, the next five years is what kind of? We look at the growth rate has been very low, which is the annual growth of 6%-8%, under the influence of net sales have accounted for 50% of the community, whether it is Internet advertising, this is the Internet community, on a line under the impact of a effect.

in the U.S. market is indeed the largest traditional marketing companies, accounting for 40%, followed by B2C, followed by directory, telemarketing and brand manufacturers. But we see only B2C is higher than the top three, this is the center. But, he each enterprise is the largest B2C of their steady growth higher than the industry average, is smaller than the growth fast, faster than traditional way. The online growth faster than the line, we see a lot of traditional enterprises in the financial crisis have been a serious impact, but there is still a growth in e-commerce, in recent years, he has been selling out.

in the United States the characteristics of e-commerce may be a data system, which is very far away, in China most of the B2C companies, is to do a data analysis. WA is to tell your enterprise have multiple, should lose weight or weight, light is WA how much the market cost.


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