40 questions about Alibaba an interview with Zhang Yong chief operating officer of Alibaba group


40 questions about Alibaba

40 questions about Alibaba – an interview with Alibaba group coo Zhang Yong

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early Taobao known as the martial arts culture, each Taobao employees have a flower name, from the martial arts novels. Taobao’s three term at the helm, Sun Tongyu took the name is "God", Lu Zhaoxi took the name "Tiemuzhen", Zhang Yong’s nickname is "happy child". People talked about Zhang Yong, sometimes called him "old xiao".

There are several mysterious man, master of master

Jin Yong’s novels. The last two years have been popular is sweeping God monk. Shaolin Temple sweeping monk, barely manage to survive in the library, but not seek to know in the arena, laughing in the world by the master. Have Daniel salute to pay tribute to the monk, not because of the reason of monk has been unknown to the public, but he was also willing to stunt unknown to the public. A photo circulated on the Internet, giant (11.84, 0, 0%) Shi Yuzhu at the annual meeting of the floor to do the monk monk.

forward, "a" The legend of Condor Hero in duguqiubai. Yang Guo found the tomb of the uncontested top dog in the mountains. The readme: aspect arena more than thirty years, kill all enemies Kou men do not cry, all outstanding figures, the world more free anti hand, helpless, but seclusion ravine to carving as a friend. Alas, life for a rival but can’t get lonely, Cheng also embarrassed." The lonely hero, fascinating.

again "The Legendary Swordsman" in Feng Qingyang, Huashan sword Pope master Dugu, descendants of. The dragon head, not the tail, Linghu Chong by his short tune, would be matchless. Feng Qingyang of martial arts high as can be imagined. Just like this person will not have clear right in the eyes of love and fame. I also want to get hurt, no longer ask Feng qingyang. As everyone knows, the Alibaba founder Jack Ma for his nickname is "Feng qingyang". Once there are rumors, Ma Yun said to her Feng qingyang.

less mentioned is the "Xiaoyao"". Never played, a peripatetic, three disciples are the master, unfathomable. Jin Yong fans have been discussed on the Internet, with the "dragon eight" in the sweep of the monk and free and unfettered is not the same person?

back to Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong left office in 2007, Shanda, joined Taobao as CFO, then after Taobao mall and President of Tmall, until the group COO, in charge of Tmall, including Taobao, Alibaba, rookie and wireless core business — almost all as e-commerce companies in our perception of the business of a Alibaba. According to the management information disclosed in the prospectus submitted by Alibaba, he is also one of Alibaba’s 27 partners and the executive director of the group will be listed.

it is said that Zhang Yong is the only surviving professional manager of Alibaba

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