How far is the traditional electrical and mechanical electricity supplier spring

I have been engaged in the Internet industry for 8 years, during which the main is Wai Rao to the hardware and electrical industry. Now the concept of Internet plus the fire, on the Internet and traditional industries integration innovation, the wave of entrepreneurship in the wave of floating. I also do some in-depth thinking on the integration of hardware and electrical industry and the internet. I hope to have a discussion with friends in this area.

Hardware & electrical industry is a very broad industry collectively, including large CNC machine tools, small to a small nut in this range. E-commerce development in China for more than and 10 years, consumer goods electricity supplier can be said that the pattern has also been firmly formed in the country. BAT big three is also a 2C company. I have been thinking, a giant is in what industry? Or under a tree without vegetation, BAT will stop the pace of innovators, giants will be difficult to reproduce? In fact, I think the industrial electricity supplier, or 2B electricity supplier, will usher in a bright spring, is a very good the opportunity.

why is it spring, is it an opportunity?

first, timing, timing can be said to be one of the major factors to do a success. The success of a project is often due to choose the right time to cut into the market. Why now is the best time to enter the electricity supplier 2B it is because of the current environment, strong support for the national policy level. Two is the traditional industry awareness, after more than and 10 years of development of the Internet, as well as the current competition and increase the traditional industry giant, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development is imminent. Three is the talent, in terms of electricity supplier has been quite mature human resources. Four is the capital, the current financing environment is unprecedented good, angel investment scale in the country is also considerable. So this is the time.

second, background, industrial goods electricity supplier is a blue ocean. We can take the ten major electricity supplier ranking take a look, can now hot o2o project ranking take over, but now the Internet is the basic 2C project, industrial electricity supplier or 2B business really are a starting stage. However, the electricity supplier 2B, is indeed a high degree of integration, the depth of integration, and vertical segmentation to operate.

third, the market space, the market is far more than a trillion yuan selling goods.

although spring comes, but not to say that you can succeed. Take Hardware Electrical and mechanical, each subdivision industry is very complex, there is a set of their own business logic. Electricity supplier model, more needs to be integrated, enhance. On the basis of integration and promotion, revolution, destruction and innovation. Also, it can not be like the product sales for electricity supplier as a model of the winner take all, a monopoly. There may be more vertical segments in the 2B project.

start a fire in the Liaoyuanzhishi start in all rows, I believe that the industrial electricity supplier in the next five to ten years will be the birth of a number of Internet giant.

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