Jingdong want to grow into the fourth pole and BAT on an equal footing and how far

recently, Jingdong and Tencent cooperation event is reverie, Jingdong wants to depend on Tencent to fight Ali intentions clear, but no matter from the aspects of structure, the layout of the industrial chain of funds and personnel, there is a big difference between Jingdong and Ali, want to grow into the fourth pole and BAT on an equal footing may be just a distant dream.


Jingdong was completely acquired by Tencent? Impossible!

Jingdong recently did a lot of negative occupation, fake people Wang Hai in micro-blog real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing Jingdong in the joint office Industrial and Commercial Bureau; Jingdong rival Suning vice chairman Sun Weimin recently participated in the conference publicly berating the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong, it is Liu Qiangdong in front of people with power and prestige, but secretly to buy specially for Suning’s discount.

these two things above is just a matter of public relations, endure a little over. But in front of Ali shares Suning, the two rivals to jointly engage in online Jingdong, this pressure is estimated to have more can’t sleep sleep. From the stock price, the Jingdong since June this year, the market has reached a high level after the way down, at the beginning of September began to rise, but the current price is still high and there are many gaps, the total market value of Jingdong is less than $37 billion.

‘s total market value of Alibaba nemesis is currently more than $177 billion, is still 5 times the Jingdong. Compared to travel around the world to see the President Ma Liu Qiangdong’s prime minister, a lot of time spent on the gentle, rely on entertainment news to attract attention. If the contrast pattern, Liu Qiangdong is also in the middle of a number of poor Ma lei.

industry expectations of Jingdong is very high, Liu Qiangdong expectations of their own is also high, Jingdong is almost the only opportunity to challenge the supremacy of Ali electricity supplier company. But the Jingdong a series of strategic actions, the Jingdong financial benchmarking ant gold suit, the gap is too far; Jingdong internationalization and Ali compared is 10000; Jingdong channel sink is the subject of Ali rookie in the 345 line, and the rural market is gradually moving back some advantages; and the Jingdong O2O business on the way down to retail and Ali competitive differentiation.

Ali Niubi is the leveraging the huge financial resources, at present in all aspects of the industry chain and the overall layout, yesterday announced the acquisition of Youku potatoes, nearly half a year to Ali also shares a lot of media. From the perspective of the layout of the ecological chain and the future, the gap between Jingdong and Ali is growing.

Jingdong want more action layout, but trapped in front of the investment fund resources; every orchard and Yonghui supermarket, especially the latter almost the Jingdong can use the funds resources are exhausted. At present, the market value of Jingdong shares did not reach the ideal price, Jingdong is unlikely to be additional to raise funds.

next how to resist Ali sharp combination of boxing has become a serious challenge facing Jingdong, Jingdong can not deal with initiatives. And tea sister had married, continue to rely on entertainment marketing has come to an end; then how.

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