Electricity providers and wireless entrepreneurs are still favored Earnings yet to come

industry competition has not yet come

nearly two years, the most sad reminder of the Internet business than electricity providers, most of the thunder and heavy rain Internet business is nothing more than the mobile Internet: the former loss is not only, the latter did not find a way to make money. However, in the whole field of IT Internet, the two is the shrine of entrepreneurs chase fellow sufferers: industry not stereotypes, have the opportunity.

vertical e-commerce can not die

vertical e-commerce will always have a chance, Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of Jingdong mall this interpretation of the electricity supplier in the winter is still emerging e-commerce companies. As the 2012 "summer race horse contest chief judge, Liu Qiangdong will vote for a vertical e-commerce enterprise — egg net.

this was established in November last year, in March this year, the official launch of the B2C website of its own mother and child brands, organic cotton clothing direction, but also in Jingdong, Dangdang and other platforms for sale. Liu Qiangdong on the network marketing and egg stock interest; and in the face of another vertical electronic commerce website as the mutual force, Liu Qiangdong also asked the inventory turnover rate problem.

depending on the mutual force is a sales of the United States and the United States pupil products e-commerce companies, according to its founder Chen Yu disclosure, the company uses O2O model, the establishment of the next line experience store, has developed 7 own brand.

in fact, in the 1173 companies participating in many commercial enterprises, only in the last 10 have two egg network business enterprise, won the runner up, a bit out of the hot degree of how much and the reality of the "winter electricity".

Liu Qiangdong remind the electricity supplier latecomers pay more attention to cash flow, inventory turnover problem. The investment of cotton and jumei.com (micro-blog) and other vertical e-commerce main judges well-known angel investors Xu Xiaoping believes that enterprise’s return rate, brand building is also crucial.

and the two choice in "electric winter" superior enterprises also have a different understanding, egg founder Cao Hui stressed the importance of "electronic commerce" concept, he pointed out, "we do not emphasize the electronic commerce, because electronic is a means, the emphasis is on this matter, the essence of the brand is the product". "Is looking for the blue ocean in the Red Sea in the maternal and child class business, the core point is safe, it is not there before". In fact, the recent platform mother class electricity supplier red children fell into the decline and forced to sell rumors.

Chen Yuze believes that the vertical electricity supplier to have a more refined brand differentiation, the establishment of a number of brands through different groups of people to locate and price range contact users.

any development of the industry have ups and downs, electricity providers are the same, Liu Qiangdong believes that the platform will eventually only three e-commerce companies, and vertical e-commerce will always have the opportunity.

mobile Internet small step run

talk about the layout of large companies, small applications busy on the industry situation

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