Profit model of chat room

chat room website more be too numerous to enumerate the passion, what makes them so strong vitality? Today, they’d analyze domestic lesser passion chat room profit way and the development of


talk about the chat room profit model is divided into three kinds:

CPS advertising video chat service providers advertising alliance provides the CPS code and recharge way! Video service providers win over beauty to seduce, persuade customers to send virtual goods and video subscription service to obtain preliminary earnings! In fact, plainly, the female equivalent of some video run business marketing team, they do can to sell yourself and your goods! Webmaster, get code from the CPS advertising alliance, and launch promotion, with the temptation of the page to induce users to buy virtual recharge and trial registration points! And then according to the Commission is divided into! This is the chat room website profit the most lucrative source of


two CPA advertising in general such ads to guide the user registration website some way to seduce the members, such as sub pay and personal software download! Remember what some time ago there is a CPA plugin, you can bundle N software download and installation process hidden behind the profit! Antivirus software to get the webmaster blocked! The number of registered members and reward effective profit


three CPC click on the ads such advertising is to stay in those such as the swap chain on sites like, exchange chain itself displays the description text is erotic edge nature of the text! There is to lure the Google ADSENSE English page guide page click on the ads, but this type of only one type of fate is being K


four and SP registered advertising pop ads while the two advertising is not so popular, but also can not deny the high traffic sites under the crazy profit in 0304 years to the day SP net 2000+ is a Wangzhuan myth! From this point of view is not difficult to understand why turn off a passion chat room after the page will pop up N page…

chat room website at home there, in addition to some software support a large chat site outside the other name of passion video sites such basically can be characterized as garbage station, is to obtain a high income with high flow, the reality is not what the content of the website promotion! This is nothing more than two, SEO and

support advertising!

, however, with the search engine checks, estimated that many part will be harmonious off! Well, today wrote here, I hope to bring some help to some friends! Oh, do not know why to blog


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