To understand the sequence of events to make money online

want to do Wangzhuan master, you need to understand how to make money online, his historical sequence of events, you want to make a difference in the prospect of an industry, then you must be familiar with the industry, so that you will be successful in half, the other half, you need to work with the wisdom of your


one, the history of the network to make money

network is a new way to make money, a new e-commerce industry in mainland China, is a branch of e-commerce advertising. The development of online money has gone through the following stages:

first phase: June 1997 the world’s first "free money" company (click class). Put the company’s ads on your home page, and if someone clicks on the company’s ads, you can get a certain amount of dollars. In November of that year, to provide money to click on the type of service providers (specifically to provide click type money The Mobility Company).

second phase: in August 1998, a new type of money making companies, the introduction of members of the company also appeared to make money. As long as you join the membership, immediately get a few dollars, and through the introduction of friends to join, can also commission, each one to introduce, more than a few dollars.

third stage: July 1999, broadcast advertising (a special kind of advertising software) profitable company, as long as the Internet can be run at the same time, it provides software to make money, one hour ranging from $0.40-1.00. In the same year in August, the company received e-mail, just send and receive the company’s e-mail or send e-mail through the company can make money. From rampant, Wangzhuan companies such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, flowers all over the network.

and all of this can not be separated from an important fact: the emergence of Electronic Commerce (E-Business) (80s) and rapid development (90s). E-commerce has become one of the fastest growing areas in Internet applications. Although the electronic commerce activities currently successful basically in the United States (Note: Wangzhuan company also basically in the United States), but the developed countries, such as Germany and Japan are also aware of its importance, develop a series of relevant policies. In such an international environment, with China’s accession to WTO and the "direct method" with introduction of e-commerce will gradually be accepted by the public, with the network marketing characteristic "Wangzhuan" will be gradually recognized by people. As early as the late acceptance acceptance, early contact to early money! Let your

more money!

two, the prospect of making money online

experts estimate that by 2010, global e-commerce transactions will reach $450 billion. Along with the development of new industry Wangzhuan will have hitherto unknown. Moreover, the future Wangzhuan industry will present new features as follows:

1, the company will Wangzhuan more closely, all-round, multi-level cooperation and e-commerce company, make people not only through the registration of e-commerce companies to make money.

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