Network entity can also earn 300 yuan per day

do Wangzhuan friends may have the same feeling with me, and now want to earn money on the Internet too * * hard, and I was the kind of technology not technology, to experience inexperienced, global ten hours online every day, even the electricity will not be able to earn. Look at the Internet overwhelming day to earn N yuan tutorial, I also did not spend less, but buy a hand is nonsense. Do not say buy Wangzhuan tutorial is full of crooks, now I understand, they sold out all the rest of the hands to play, also teach you, not 35 years training experience, vision Wangzhuan experience is hard to do, you know, the market did not. Making money online is always the best thing for you. I think now I can make 300 yuan a day, is to find a suitable for my development channels, the experience and share with you. OK, get to the point.

found that this project is purely accidental, I live in a medium-sized city, there is a buddy is open mobile phone shop, remember when 51 promotion, find me crying, want to do a voice advertisement playing in the store, but here we find a slightly decent radio presenter read a frequently to the 5, 600 yuan, and frankly their level is really some difference. Known as the "super users" of course I think the first found from the Internet, I don’t really find a professional, a record of only 200 yuan, and the special station in CCTV to Wahaha nutrition express dubbing female anchor, this is how much money can not find in we are here! The key is that I found a business opportunity from here, they provide the station free to join


I need to have a market, our city has thousands of all kinds of stores, took to the streets every day are broadcast promotional advertising, I made a survey, I also do not have sound professional advertising place, these shops are spending hundreds of dollars, please here we host the wedding a what to record, no background music, sound effects, poor people, listening to all don’t want to buy it. So, I took some kind of sound, please contact your local store owner to listen, no one does not speak, talk about the relevant matters without demur, agency, took the agency, they are free to join, I also can not lose what. I finally launched plans to make money.

first began to develop a little tired, I put the website like audio carved a CD-ROM, riding a motorcycle from businesses around, who play music or advertising in the shops, I go in and ask them to listen to the boss magnetic, like sound and leave a phone. On the fourth day, I earned the first income, the kind of success that the joy of the people will never understand. In this way, I earned 1350 yuan in the first month. Maybe God will always take care of those who work hard, in a month 08 days, my business has a qualitative leap. We are a local advertising company found me, want to have long-term cooperation to promote sound advertising, since then the big one, every business has. Now, in turn, when it was time to promote how did not expect it, these advertising companies

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