Talk about the development of enterprises is the rise of subversive innovation

as a common netizen, living in the rapid development of the Internet era, every day we will come into contact with some new things, whether passive or active, these will affect us now or future, we will also be wonderful unlimited Internet live music without fatigue; however, if you look much angle to watch the Internet, you will find that the development of China Internet is very slow and tortuous, standing on the peak of the Internet is always that several large Internet Co, the new enterprise is almost scanty. So, why is there such a situation, the following nine river network and we come together to analyze the current situation of the Internet:

industry monopoly + bundled slow Internet business development

development process from the traditional enterprise companies, large enterprises in order to occupy more market share to obtain high profits, monopoly business gradually to the whole industry, formed a dominant pattern, it seriously hindered the development of new enterprises, can be said that the new enterprise wants to obtain a slim chance of survival is very difficult that must be subversive innovation, development is likely to reverse the market pattern of sustainability.

plagiarism + commercial interests of enterprises to lose innovation awareness

although the Internet information is diverse, but when you query when something, you may search results are almost the same, although this phenomenon has improved in the past two years, but still there are a lot of, for example: the search for a product, more than a dozen Web page template and content similarity in fact, this is very high, and can not meet the needs of the user’s search. So, why is that, most of the network or copying each other, resulting in many large and medium-sized enterprises to lose the sense of innovation, many companies see profits to buy products and others followed to do what others do sales platform also requires companies to do, even the website should also go to imitate others, totally not what the user experience, not to mention innovation, thereby slowing the pace of development of the Internet industry and.

no matter what kind of things in the development process of growth, are in need of new power Everfount, and these new power come from? I want to "seek innovation, strives for the development" is the common aspiration of many enterprises for a long time, the homogeneity make part of enterprise’s survival difficult, many companies were forced to quit the Internet market; the enterprise wants to obtain the new sustainable development, we must carry out reform and innovation to change the pattern of success, the next step is to talk about the new minimally invasive and disruptive innovation in enterprise innovation.

micro Innovation: so that enterprises in the development of the road has become more unique and powerful

terminal user group is the main force to promote the development of the Internet, user groups will affect the pattern of the market, while the market pattern will change some of the heart failure, for some small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of the present situation are small compared to the considerable difficulties, need to micro innovation, access to the terminal of more users, to make their own change more powerful, more independent.

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