Online shopping market competition is the highest survival rate of college students shop

college students online shop business survival rate of 8 percentage points higher than the average level! Recently, domestic famous survey Ai Rui released the "2008 annual report" in the development of online shopping market, attractive and high survival rate of college students online.

survey shows that the online shopping market competition intensified. Since September 2008, Taobao’s new store opened nearly 20 yuan per month, an average of more than 6 thousand per day, compared with the first half, an increase of more than 60%. At the same time, the big brand Intel, Lenovo also began in, competition and individual sellers on the same stage.

report on the survival rate of the standard, the monthly income of more than 1000 yuan, the corresponding store sales of more than $5000. In other words, more than the standard shop, with a better development prospects, the short term will not be closed". The proportion of college students to achieve this standard is close to 20%, equivalent to every college students in the shop opened, there are 1 people to operate smoothly on the 5.

why college students open shop, it seems more vitality?. Taobao relevant responsible person said, the development of college students, the ability to lead new things more than other sellers. On the other hand, the age of Taobao buyers are usually under 35 years of age, both for consumer perception, understanding are very close. Therefore, college students sell things more easily marketable.

and the increasing employment pressure, also promote college students "practice in advance". Zhejiang finance and economics university student Weng Weng sophomore, has tried to open up the cosmetics agent shop. Small Weng is attending the international trade specialty, the two students looking for work is not easy, a lot of students up to now there is no suitable place". Xiao Weng wants to go out part-time, but more or less will occupy the class time, only the time to open the shop relatively free, and the threshold is low, suitable for our group of people who do not have the economic resources".

With the downturn in the international economic environment, the recruitment of

has become less, and the number of graduate employment force is rising. Therefore, in order to obtain social experience before graduation become the first choice of many college students’ homework". Close to graduation, Guangzhou Taobao shop owners, group security hall around the students are looking for a variety of internship opportunities, and he has run a tonic shop. He said, part-time, internship is no longer the only way to deal with the employment pressure of college students, what’s more, the practice smoothly does not mean to get to work, and if the shop open well, you can always stay in business.

relative to other groups, college students to open shop outside pressure will be much easier. Reporters from the survey found that among the people who shop in Taobao, nearly half of the monthly income between 1000 to $2000, as well as 16% of the monthly income of less than $1000. For those who have entered the community and even family, such income may not be enough to make a living; and college students do not care how much money, so even if the network

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