Talk about the nternet entrepreneurs adhere to success


mention entrepreneurship, we can not talk about "adhere to". While the majority of entrepreneurs to "adhere to the" two word opinion is highly consistent, the implementation is surprisingly similar, it can be said that the 99% have become "three minutes" or "keep on keeping on, just three hours." Next, is to give up and find excuses for failure, the specific performance can become a law: funding, team problems, industry issues. The original passion suddenly come to nothing, the head of the three thousand hair almost in one night will bleach, think of the countless nights, others in the number of stars, they looked at the Internet business success story, his mouth still talking about Robin Li, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other famous celebrities, those catchy inspirational slogans, why would come to nothing in an instant? In fact, our analysis will be Jingxiaxinlai seriously that they just got a little more than we insist, then became the difference between heaven and earth. Here, Xiaobian bring you to look at our current situation:

, a website weight how suddenly nothing, but this day and night three months of hard work ah, why not say no? Wailing in the wild, so give up, or redo, or exit.

two, the portal station basically three months can reach IP on how much by means of technology, a super chain, a large number of anchor text, the short-term goal is to reach, then immediately into the first mentioned dilemma.

three, such a good project, there is no private investment or venture capital companies concerned about it? Talk about a lot of home, the results did not get a penny!

four, traffic is king, no matter what, regardless of what, there is traffic on the OK, the user experience, the mouth shouting on the line, cheat come in again.

a variety of reasons, a variety of excuses, not a list. Today, Xiaobian take the three mountains said, look at their entrepreneurial experience, to its dregs, takes its essence, may have some help to our Internet business.

a, Alibaba Ma

this is a household name, he made a very bad appearance of today’s e-commerce Empire, its ability to naturally different. Each brainwashed Internet entrepreneurs in the industry will be told: "you look at Ma photos, then take a look in the mirror, you will find that you are better than him!" the result, still did not go beyond this looks very good people. In small series, Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial history has been completely overwhelmed by the success of today’s brilliant, and the hardships of entrepreneurship, I believe that Ma Yun would not mention. In the beginning of this century, the Chinese people almost do not understand the network, after all, with the environment at that time, the network is generally considered synonymous with viruses and crooks. Ma Yun was known as the "first Chinese trick", said he and the staff went out to do business back to the company, a taxi to pick Xiali, just because the starting price cheaper than Xiali Santana 2. In this case,

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