Yu Guofu Qin Jiangbo Meng snake talk Google Adsense click fraud

Hello everyone!

  Sina compere: each netizen good morning, very pleased that you can participate in this chat, recently many people may notice, the first domestic owners sued the Adsense case, today we invited a senior lawyer in the rich, famous blog Meng Xiaoyi, Qin Jiangbo founder of the depth of the search, they were charged with friends some exchanges on the grounds of Google click fraud, please introduce three.

  Yu Guofu: my name is Yu Guofu, is now director of Sheng Feng law firm, such as the recent extreme events, Inc. and Baidu’s case is inside our agent, including some cases of the Tencent Inc is our agent, and now between Qihoo and YAHOO’s case is our agent, and so on, the companies involved more.

 : Qin Jiangbo: Good morning, everyone, I am Qin Jiangbo, who was engaged in the development of anti-virus, and later created a deep search site.

  Moderator: Mr. Qin also has had the painful experience of being blocked, today is his account in the fierce snake has not moved out of hundreds of dollars by Google blocked.

  Meng Xiaoyi: Hello everyone, I am engaged in the field of Internet in ten years, I was relatively early in 03 years China contact blog, began to write 05 years earlier, when Google Adsense knew, because at that time before Google’s acquisition of BLOG, he encouraged those bloggers to launch their Google BOLO program, is a plus the N blog formed a lot of traffic, at the time, at the beginning of 05, there are a bunch of people doing this thing. I began to hang up Google’s ad in January, 05 years ago, and I started to write about it. But very strange, 05, by the end of 06, suddenly started to surge, I can not find a reason, when in October 06, more than $one thousand a month, I am very surprised, I’m going to try, he gave me, I felt very strange. Second years, I was settled, he supported a monthly settlement also supports several months of settlement, when second years of the Spring Festival, I’ll see if I have money, I think more than and 600, clearing it, and then was killed, very depressed, because he always said that I have to click fraud, invalid click on the things I don’t understand. I am very surprised, since you suspect me to do this thing, you proof ah.

 : host: do you know why he is blocking you now?

  Meng Xiaoyi: I don’t know, nobody told me. Before I have a letter Daniel move, because they say that Google can tell you the truth, if you are strong enough evidence, you can take out the account. Later, there is no result, I wrote a series of blog, then I think there is no meaning, because I have a lot of things to do in life, can not be

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