SNS is not found in the four profit model decryption

today I also look at the definition of SNS, the full name of Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Here is the "social network", so what is the social network? On the Internet is not the answer, but the horse (Marx) but to the definition of social, society refers to a specific area and time, shared cultural and material production base, organic whole in accordance with certain norms of behavior contact form. The basic elements of society are the natural environment, population and culture. All kinds of social relations are formed through the production relations, and the society is formed, and the activities are carried out under the control of certain behavioral norms, so that the society can operate normally and continue to develop. So the social network can not be understood as the virtual world of the network, then it is to provide a variety of services, is not even do social networking services?

one of the SNS for the understanding of friends, is not too narrow? Think SNS friends just SNS a small part of our society, from the concept of several keywords to analyze, in the development of network marketing, the concept is not hard to find out several SNS profit models and direction


specific area, specific period, common culture, material production activities, population, culture, social relations. Look at these 7 keywords, one by one.

1, specific area. The era of the global village, a specific region specific Marx and specific area now is not a concept, but from the network extends to the real society, specific area, not isolated view of the virtual world after all, still need to do more social activities in the real world, the operation of terminal or real life. To make SNS truly alive, cannot leave the specific area of the virtual world and show consistent specific regions in the world! So as to arouse interest in the majority of Internet users, Internet users make life more convenient, more rich and colorful life!

2, a specific period. The concept of society in each period is different, the war era, the theme of society is war, survival, life, food and clothing…… Peace is the theme of social economy, entertainment, self-expression…… So, we are in a time of peace, we for users to provide products or services to meet the needs of the era of Internet users, including entertainment, communication, economics and so on, like the school website, provide these services, such as games, movies etc..

3, common culture. Since it is a society, there must be the human factor, as the saying goes "a group of points, Like attracts like.," people who have the same interests love together, as in the SNS circle, the circle of people’s personality, hobby is basically the same, at least the subject is the same, we have a garden for the lovers they love to provide services, or the services they need? "There is market demand".


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