Mom a viral marketing and spam

application Ali mother’s advertising alliance for some days, because the audit did not pass, took the code. Just landed 126 mailboxes found a letter to confirm the contents of the following:

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click on the link below to create your site ad:

advertising time: 2008-01-23 up to 1 weeks, the transaction price, please login to the system background view!

Buyer Contact method is as follows:

buyer nickname: big buyer

if there is any problem in advertising, please contact the buyer to negotiate.

48 hours after the end of the ad, if the buyer has no objection to advertising, the advertising income will be included in your expected income. Expected revenue will be unified in the middle of next month.

if there is any problem in advertising, please contact the buyer to negotiate.

wants to make more deals? Now go to the

gourd tips you:

if your ad needs to be reviewed, please click on the following link as soon as possible to review, so that advertising can be put in time!

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Ali mother – good products, but also the need for good advertising!

tip: this letter is automatically issued, please do not direct " reply to " this mail, the system can not read your reply: (


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start almost point, but a closer look and found two! The first time for me to apply for the registration of the YAHOO email confirmation should not be issued 126 mailbox; look again carefully, two confirmed address suffixes are actually "register.htm"! Early in the afternoon and a false foreign devil after a few strokes, then the English halfcooked, probably see that this is not what the registration page, and the confirmation page! On my web site ( address not starling navigation) is rather baffling


Ali is really a lot of money can not burn it!

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