The first annual meeting of China’s online video advertising held in April 26th

It is reported that 2007 (1st) Chinese network video conference and the 2007 first session of the ad Chinese network advertising festival release, 2007 Chinese interactive marketing will be released, 2006-2007 Chinese Internet video industry — survey report data released the same period will be held in Beijing Kerry Center on April 26, 2007.

DCCI Internet data center of the latest survey data show that due to the rapid growth of a variety of network video content, online video service providers, users of video and video applications, the relevant investment and many other aspects of hitherto unknown, in 2006 the network video is becoming a hotspot in the Internet the most attention China, 2006 became the first year of development of network video Chinese.

"INTERNET GUIDE 2007 China Internet survey report" shows: from the perspective of the advertising media statistics, the annual podcast / video sharing site reached the audience reached 76 million people in. Online video on demand / live service audience size reached 98 million. P2P video, emerge in an endless stream of video sharing, network television technology applications, investors, the traditional film and television content producers, traditional advertising agencies have been involved in it, or to. The most important is that many advertisers on the network video media also expressed strong concern and interest in the video has been put on, in the dissemination of advertisements has natural advantage, as well as the Internet, interactive technology, cost advantages, online video advertising market future development prospects are very impressive. However, because everything has just started, the network video advertising is not advertising pricing in the supply and demand sides, media characteristics, propagation, audience measurement, control, monitoring and other aspects of the effect on the cooperation, as a media comment: "each link before self introduction, also don’t know where to start a conversation…… The chain (link) is sound, but the chain is actually broken."

network video industry service chain prototype:

this is a new time to timely form the rules of the market, but it is precisely because of this, the online video advertising market will give the relevant parties to create innovative marketing, cooperation and win-win new order opportunities. In April 2007, the strong demand for service industry in order to open up the industry chain parties, create common rules of supply and demand, the depth of cooperation, promote the network video industry to seize the opportunity of rapid and healthy development, the first session of the 2007 China Online Video Advertising Conference (Online Video Advertising Conference * China China, referred to as V) will be held in Beijing. As the first platform for exchanges and cooperation, China V for the first time gathering network video advertising industry, then the industry chain polymerization, market rules and advertising resources to create interactive, technical standards, monitoring evaluation, explore market data released". On the basis of the accurate measurement of video service and audience in mainland China

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