Do shop propaganda of the 8 words of seven songs

do shop, you need to shop for a strong publicity, promotion. Many people think that advertising is to say yes, but not comprehensive.

impression of advertising is playing in the television, newspapers, or light box on a prominent position, in order to attract the attention of passers-by. Apply to the online shop inside, this approach is somewhat inferior. The store opened in the Internet, but also the majority of people, the target group activities in the network is in the world you can read information online, there are a few people will remember the advertisement in the newspaper? It is to distinguish between the traditional media and the Internet are different.

after all, shop is open on the web, so that to make full use of the Internet to do propaganda, it should be a successful promotion of online shop premise, therefore, I prepared for your online publicity 8 seven character songs, together with me, read aloud.

1 links to exchange

in order to enhance their online popularity, increase traffic, in preparation for the shop when it should pay more attention to some of their online content related or similar websites, especially those high flow gas Wang, but be careful away. After his shop built, you can talk about the link with their things. Of course, built early, others may be because your site does not flow and ignore it, which requires you to put down the attitude, talk with them a matter of conscience, as long as the heart plus your already in the shop to their site links, believe that your site will soon appear on their site. Mutual propaganda.

2 alumni to do publicity

a from campus not long you have their own alumni, have never thought to make it reasonable use up? Go up and tell your classmates, friends, he opened a shop, not only can make friends with you to share the joy of open a shop, but also to gather popularity. Maybe, as well as their favorite products, so, and pulled a number of potential customers.

3 printed cards spread wide

maybe you will say, since most of the propaganda on the Internet, everyone who also see who, do not waste the name card cost?! though is opening in the online store, but you is the life of you, to the buyer by mail baby is in reality. Design a unique personality of the business card, printed on their contact information and store address, may wish to put a few in the mail. Because of the exquisite design, buyers can not afford to give up, if there is a chance that the other party will show it to others, this is equivalent to saying that you are doing propaganda. Oh, the details, you will not want to see.

4 using keywords ranking

is called SEO technology. You can do with the network to promote the optimization of the company’s cooperation, ask them to shop for their own program to improve the overall ranking of the site. Ranking, probability search to customer will increase several times, but also the development of many potential customers, only.

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