Teach you to do it easy to make a monthly Ambassador Ambassador thousand yuan


financing is a good job fly recommended, because he is compared to other Wangzhuan quick return, good reputation. From the beginning to now, the station has received promotion commission China easy loan for four months, 15 per month before time through Alipay hit your account up, why always recommend you do this project? Because it does not require us to invest, without any risk, as long as I have to the forum, blog, as long as there is a place where people can post around day earn tens of dollars, according to the understanding of this project a lot of people, but really stick to few people live, that is do not many people, so we operate this project is still great room for, as long as the master can earn thousands of yuan above, this is nonsense, this is a few months to fly and sum up experience, introduce how to do the financing Promotion Ambassador, the real monthly part-time earn 1000 yuan


the following is a summary of the fly several methods:

1, to the popularity of the community forum, there are tens of thousands of people in the general forum forum every day, don’t choose, can choose the kind of general trading, advertising free local portal forum, remember: someone must see, but not by the administrator to delete posts. Because the loan information is legal, so it will not delete the administrator regular.

2, through your QQ group or space promotion. Here to join the QQ group is best to find the kind of investment, entrepreneurial class, information class, the class of loans to join the group, because people here need more money. Here we can use the tools, it is the right to fly the site QQ group search and QQ plus group tool. QQ space to decorate, put some more loans to promote the information, how to enlarge home use their brains, at least let people believe you. Feel you are the real financing ambassador, helping others. Ha ha ~

3, with your own blog to do promotion, here we can build on the investment and financing or entrepreneurial class blog, and then decorate the blog. Remember not to come up with one of your loan ads, which will direct the blog. First release a number of stocks, entrepreneurship, finance and the like, and then released on your loan promotion information. When it is recommended that you release your original loan promotion posts, write their own, use your head, because it is convenient for you to be included in Baidu, the search to your blog, if your posts appear on the Baidu home page, then you badly. In fact, for a little knowledge about SEO friends, do the project better, the basic principles of network promotion is more original! Note: blog ads, not much, if this is a new blog more than old blog can look at the ads posted regularly. For an insurance, don’t let your blog be sealed. Blog you can build Baidu, Sina, NetEase and other high weight.

4, with the help of Baidu know, Tencent, such as asking + blog assistant promotion. This is one of the main ways to fly. We know that Baidu know the function of it, that is, you encounter

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