Day earn 200 five Ma Yun and Taobao guest these 2 years


is Taobao’s customer through the commodity sales promotion, to complete the transaction into the model, this is a plan Ma since launched in 2007, Taobao said, I now have access to 2008 for 2 years, we talk about IDC a year can gain 40 thousand, let me talk to Taobao also let off you can easily give pocket stuffed.

Many Taobao customers are doing

, especially for hundreds of millions of yuan soon Ma implement "blue whale plan" many owners to provide Taobao. Taobao off site a separate surge, slimming products, a Baidu keyword site even 3-4 page is the main site, it can be 30-40 to compete, the network also spread earn tens of thousands, earn 500 days, in the end is not really


Taobao customers actually make money is sure, because the highest of a commodity is divided into about 50%, such as selling a piece of cosmetics can be allocated a few hundred dollars ranging from 200 yuan. The profit is very high, is not everyone can get rich off by Taobao, not Taobao, really do get rich off of a small number of people, to do a good job of Taobao passenger door or deep knowledge about Taobao, I can not guarantee that all customers can earn hundreds of every day, but one day earn hundred is possible. I mainly talk about how to do Taobao customers.

many people take a lot of promotion methods, such as books, blogs, forums Post Bar, to some of the SNS interactive community, there are some groups and so on, are some of the full-time staff of Amoy, these methods are not really effective, not necessarily, different products are different, such as selling suits, not may the hot summer to sell everywhere, not only people disgusted and one can’t sell, we should take targeted promotion, different products for each seasonal change. Here I reveal 2 effective ways.

network optimization targeted

many SEO master through different methods to make their website ranking, so every day a lot of traffic, the general flow of value transformation is one of 500 points, which is the 500 buy the idea you see is a transaction of the list, we can use the key words, the long tail keywords to do. This can make your site traffic increase, sales share is increased, I have seen such a site in Baidu, is a weight loss product, he made 3 key words are ranked first, so it is said that his station is on the 3 days of receipt of each keyword Taobao union money. Even earn tens of thousands of dollars, this is very common. Because a consumer browse the site only four points, so that the opportunity is big, if the network optimization is not obvious we can post blog and other network promotion.

Baidu bidding low input high return

made the Baidu bid for Taobao customers many guest website, and Google ads, especially Google Advertising, as shown on the right click for less strong, the general point of purchase intention is, I have to do.

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