From 1 thousand months to Wangzhuan rookie investment to earn 3 thousand

webmaster friends are good, this time I tell you about 1 thousand months to earn their own investment from the experience of the past 3 thousand, I hope you can learn from my experience to learn something, here is very grateful to everyone. I am a senior student, in 2010 May began to contact in the A5 webmaster Wangzhuan, accidentally see online Taobao customers can earn tens of thousands, was not believe, he inspected a Taobao, found off really can make money, so they are going to try a fourth time, anyway, a lot. You can take the time to start a.


, I took one thousand dollars to their usual part-time job, bought 10 of the domain name and space, all of a sudden do 10 sites that use the new network space and domain name, I find the local network company, let them give me the domain name and space, they appreciate the boss I am the spirit of entrepreneurship, with the cost price to get me the domain name and space, a COM domain name that is 52 yuan, 100M is 32 yuan, add up to less than one hundred, very cost-effective. And so on for a week, the record down, and then I began to do stand, the program I was to spend 5 dollars to buy Taobao, ZB do stand, and now such a program is very much, belonging to Taobao single page program. The 10 station I made 10 different products, such as Soybean Milk machine, heighten medicine, mascara and Cleansing Cream and so on, are looking for some small competitive products, do not dare to do the first time the competition, in order to cultivate confidence. Oh, do not fear the competition up.

and I started to do the ranking, every day in addition to school, is to look at the skills the others in the A5 station network, slowly also know that the key is to increase and update the website ranking web site outside of the chain, below I said to increase their own website update and the chain of ideas.

1: website update

website update, the important point is to the original, started as a stand, have more passion, so every day of the original 10 article, then, has done so for a few days, go on, too tired, not enough energy, so I began to pseudo original, pseudo original is used the translation software translation, spend 10 minutes a day can fix 10 false original article, although it does not read smoothly, but Baidu is very good original article, all I do is a product, not to let others see the article, so the article is not the matter.

two: the increase of the chain

hair of the chain for many webmaster is a very painful thing, because the hair of the chain is too much trouble, to register the BBS, and BBS management are very strict, advertising post survival time is very short. Here is how I was outside the chain, first I registered a few big Adsense BBS account, exchange posting in the forum outside the chain of Links, other area hang signature irrigation; there is a registration link exchange platform, I have more than and 100 Links network access platform, is a good place. The hair of the chain, if you need to add my qq4123>

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