Besides AdSense cooperation model

Google does not prohibit AdSense cooperation, therefore, webmasters can rest assured, do not worry about violations. So, what exactly is AdSense cooperation?

is definitely not to cheat, but said, similar to the operation of a single account, in accordance with the requirements of the AdSense on the web site, advertising AdSense in formal way difference is that the mode of cooperation, is the same AdSense account under the ad code, while put to many webmaster website, webmaster to the mode of organization together to form a coalition.

for example, master Zhang San, he has a website, the average daily income is $1, in this way, a monthly income of about $30, he will AdSense the minimum withdrawal amount reached $100, at least 4 months, and, in accordance with the provisions of Google, every month must, therefore, be used for 5 months the actual time. Similarly, the webmaster Li Si, his website average daily performance is $1, he also wants to use 5 months to achieve withdrawals, and so on.

uses the alliance model, with space for time, that is, will you join Adsense their hosting space together, together with a AdSense account on advertising, rather than their own delivery, that is to say, a AdSense account, by joining together to put its advertising, so the the account results quickly reached the minimum withdrawal, once achieved, by the League to the Google administrator is responsible for the withdrawal, and then according to their respective scores franchisees for settlement and payment.

as example, 31 – month income is $30, four is two Li, after the alliance, within a month, each still have a $30 income, but the income is in the same league account account, that is to say, now, there are 2x$30=$60 a month income account alliance the next month, up to $120, and then the next month you can withdraw cash from their original, 5 months now reduced to March. Obviously, with the increase in the number of alliance members, the strength of the alliance will increase, within one or two months to reach the minimum amount of withdrawals and settlement.

so how to distinguish between the members of the alliance? Very simple, Google has provided a tool that is AdSense Channel (channel). Union administrator for every franchise owners to provide the alliance ad code, which includes a number of channels belong to the webmaster (Channel ID), so that each stationmaster grades can be recognized by the ID, such as the Zhang San Li Si ID is 123, ID is 789, when the three on the site AdSense is clicked, then.

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