What to lack what o2o entrepreneurs how to do


do the electricity supplier who do have a dream platform, so many electricity providers do not make money a few years back, see B2C, is almost desperate mode. The best example is the electricity supplier, the Alibaba to build a platform, of course! The use of idle resources of the society, the takings.


everyone wants to do the platform, but some people have done the first step, their resources are very limited, a lot of short board, how do you do?

today do not write too much, to talk about a case, to raise a question!

recently about seven or eight do Jiezhuang o2o entrepreneurs find me do consulting and financing things! Which is a Yongkang family enterprise anti-theft door friends from Shijiazhuang came to Beijing, talking back to Zhejiang Yongkang. The anti-theft door there is probably about 200 billion of the market, Zhejiang Yongkang anti-theft door do late, but the people of Zhejiang leveraging the network resources and pushing the division of labor, the rapid occupation of the country about 70% of the market. Furniture building materials sold on the Internet, is still a sketch class. After selling their own security door for some time, found that the pain is not selling products, but in fact, a lot of home improvement products are semi-finished products, the need to install the floor and after-sales service. He is able to find the best in the country to install the door of the distribution service providers, want to do a home improvement o2o national platform, what do you think should be done?

is hard to do! Why it’s hard to do, because there’s a lot to do!

in the last month, APP decoration beauty home to help get ten million A round of financing from the nut capital, the last two years to obtain financing Home Furnishing O2O business as well as regulating the family network, marmot, Home E station, tuba rabbit, beautiful home, beautiful home geek…… Qijia network was founded in 2005, and the home and help the groundhog was founded in 2008, the o2o platform has been rooted in Jiezhuang for several years, in the merchant and client have a very good precipitation. Faced with such a fierce competitive environment, how to do the friend forgot to add that he did not have any Internet, mobile Internet experience and technical basis, although there are some money, but not enough.

of course, do not need to use SWOT analysis method, I believe the vast majority opinion, don’t do it, can not see the opportunity! The friends get back two times with brother advice, business. Now the East thinking entrepreneurs that to the electricity supplier, do or not do? Do what


said that if the solution, about three problems often exist in traditional enterprise transformation in


is the first behind closed doors, is what you want to do one thing, basically do not understand the market, think oneself is the first to do, actually has a lot of game player. Any idea will not be new, any business model, certainly no one will do, let alone home building materials have been sold on the Internet for ten years.

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