Approaching entrepreneurs College with the original stock to pay tuition to start a business


Founder Institute in the new site to tutor students creative scoring (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Ma Qiao) July 30th Beijing time news, according to the U.S. "New York Times" website reported that many entrepreneurs dream to start empty-handed success in a short time, and the global entrepreneurship training institutions just hatching grabbed the heart of people, training and recruitment of students is booming. These organizations are very strict with the requirements of the course content and the graduate level, but also help to create a large number of successful start-ups.

the following is the full text of the article:

you can start empty-handed to develop a technology entrepreneur in just four months time?

for the 2009 launch of the global training incubator Founder Institute, this goal can be fully realized. As long as the payment of less than $1000 tuition, students can attend lectures at Founder Institute. Of course, the students only one purpose: to set up a company in the school before may. In fact, they must learn to create a company before they graduate.

graduation requires strict

before they are admitted, students do not have to have a completely mature idea, but they have to participate in a test organized by the Founder Institute. The agency said that this test can predict the success rate of entrepreneurial students. Students can work during the day, at night, but this is not to say that the project is very simple. In fact, this project is very torture, 60% of the students can not graduate.

, a nonprofit organization based in California, says the agency has helped create more than and 500 companies. The purpose of the Founder Institute is to want to move towards internationalization, the agency has a total of 27 cities in the world has a subsidiary of 14 cities. At the same time, Founder Institute also hope that through the establishment of the company’s shares held by its graduates to profit.

44 year old Boas Fletcher (Boaz Fletcher) in Israel is a special offer advice for the new company consultant, he founded Founder Institute in the agency in Tel Aviv this year. Fletcher said: "in science and technology, Israel is a very amazing country. But Israel has a lack of experience in building companies with sustainable growth potential, and the strength of Founder Institute is to teach people how to create a stable and sustainable development potential of the company." The agency’s first batch of 9 students will graduate in September this year. >

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