The reason that Taobao does not make money off

now I know the real money by Taobao customers, most of them have their own website or customize the corresponding strong platform, so today we only do

analysis of reasons for Taobao customers do not make money through the website

since it is a website, the content is the foundation of the building, reflected in the nature of the Taobao site, it is necessary to grasp the selection of shops and products on the site, to do this step. First of all, through the analysis of some consumers online shopping habits, to determine the selected products.

two either the general website or Taobao off the nature of the site, you must first put their starting point set, the first objective is that you do website is to help users solve some of the problems, the second objective is profit.

three promotion channel selection. First you have to spend a little time to understand your site potential consumers generally gathered in the forum community, gather the community forum always concerned about their interest in the topic, and then combined with the corresponding soft tissue of your site.

four did not figure out the difference between soft and post. Soft text in a word is to help others at the same time, also virtually enhance their visibility and influence.

five does not focus on SEO. You know, just rely on the method of post promotion, is exhausted every day you also not much traffic, so you have to know how to use the search engine to bring traffic, although it relates to a traffic conversion problem, but no one is better than the total.

six user experience. To continue to improve the user experience, not only refers to the site program function upgrades, improvements and human nature, and sometimes more important is the details of the changes, to improve your user precipitation rate is very important.

is more than his brother some opinions, welcome to my website ( study, we share together with progress.

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