Some thoughts on Taobao store operation

operation for a year, which sour, sweet, bitter, hot ease of which, now to talk about personal views on operation.

Taobao has two kinds of operations, I will talk about the following:

is the first company to give the greatest support, as long as there is a reasonable plan, which you have to the shop which dissatisfaction factors which need to be put forward to change the place, called the appropriate personnel to cooperate with the modification. For the most simple example, selection of operational needs of product positioning, so we must know the selection of product cost, because the cost to know know the reasonable pricing of products, is whether you can do activities to do product explosion models, there is little, if the store is in the early stage, if it is C shop customer service, know the cost would be appropriate to the customer so as to promote some preferential turnover, compared to the C store to the mall, congenital deficiency, because Taobao has been emphasizing the mall is the quality of the city, but did not say the C store is the quality of the city. This is the type of fit.

second is the company’s existing framework has been set, you have to operate in accordance with the framework of the company, such as the product pricing system has been set up, the product profit margin is also good. Customer service staff, has been packaged in the warehouse delivery process are made, you can only adapt to this way to operate and can not be adjusted. For example, some boss pricing is cost plus their expected profits, but the price is only the boss expected profit, and not according to the market price on Taobao price, this price is not reasonable, the products must be from the new price, some bosses do not agree, say oneself to do the brand, to a plan can not start to reduce the price of the product, give a person a kind of cheap feeling, but if there is to take the amount of thought of pre shop, to let more people know the use of our products, products in the sales package delivery customer service at this stage to emphasize our brand, rather than the beginning of their play the brand, then no one asked the brand such ideas are never done up.

the above two kinds of operational thinking I personally love first, because the first kind of autonomy better, after all, is our own operation, timely understand the boss just know a thing or two, there is little understanding of their own ruthless boss but didn’t have the time to do. Talk about the essence of the operation, I think the essence of the operation is to integrate all aspects of resources, making the store a good healthy development. The electronic commerce company where I is relatively large electronic company (morning only for Taobao), inside the company sales department, purchasing department, warehousing department, planning department, financial department, administration department, down can also be broken down a lot, I am not here to talk.

operation is a part of the planning department, because the planning department, there are art group, operation group, just said the operation is actually the integration of resources.

first operation to understand the product, do not understand the product, how do you sell the product, the product can not find out the selling point is to sell products. Since it relates to the product then

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