Campus WeChat takeaway practice four months turnover of millions

author and his partner on campus to create a WeChat takeaway public number, from the total assets of only 900 yuan, the team set up in almost zero cost. 4 months of operation, WeChat takeaway project achieved turnover exceeded one million, more than 70 thousand copies of the results sent takeaway ordering.

talked about the night, the establishment of entrepreneurial projects

completed his studies in the school during the year August 2013, the whole year to be an internship, and all college students want to work like a long time to work for a long time. I and my friend Cao Yang (later entrepreneurial partners) began a two week delivery resume and interview cycle, until the final application to the real estate agent to sell the house. The first day of work after I returned to university after two, so long, why think of school leavers easy work by others command? We do this job one day will not go back.

this time the school is just the beginning of the school, we rented a house from a friend moved to the school dormitory. (4 because even if you’re not in school, accommodation and tuition books are to be handed in) in the school stay for a few days, I have only 300 yuan, with 600 yuan Cao Yang. One day more than 1 in the middle of the night, Cao Yang suddenly called me and said he thought of a business direction. Cao Yang came to my bedroom overnight, and we talked until 5 in the morning. After a few hours of sleep, I began to look up the information on the internet.

started to think of WeChat’s personal number, then one does not want to have to use the public platform, WeChat (we have a name is "to WeChat takeaway"), then the Internet search WeChat development company several third party, chose a special delivery of third party platform music takeaway. Of course, they are also a start-up company, every time I and they said the requirements will basically be realized as soon as possible.

how to operate O2O project

1 talk shop

said in front of our total assets add up to only 900 yuan, while the other side of the system to be $1000, a wireless printer to $600, but also the cost of publicity. How to do? I have played with sleight of hand tricks, there are well settled platform system, only the money had not been delivered to several small restaurants to eat, often ask them: if we can bring 100 meal order to you shop every day, you are willing to cooperate with us? And come up with a program of cooperation we specially produced (of course, this time we actually have no concept of what the hands only), apparently the business is acquiescence. We found a school take away to send the second good shops, there are different types of shops with mediocre performance of the four. It turns out that the choice is right. If you ask me why I didn’t find the best shop to take away, I told you not to do that, but then we joined the store. We receive $720 per wireless printer deposit from each store

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