Summer network to find a part time note

summer vacation, of course, is very happy, can play everywhere, you can play games, but many students are like me, love the summer when looking for a part-time job to do in the summer vacation, one can earn money, increase income, on the other hand can also add a little social experience, prepare for the future, stepped into the society after all, with great differences in school society, a little early to adapt to the society, is always good.


brothers junior year, freshman, sophomore summer was spent at many part-time jobs in the holiday, feel very substantial, every two months of vacation time, always have an income of one thousand or two thousand yuan, very happy. It is a bit of experience, I would like to share with you, you can help find a part-time summer students less detours, make more money:

1, analysis of the stage

some students with no experience, nor do the investigation and analysis, just in line to see the piece of information to apply for, or is often not successful, or being cheated, so the analysis is very important. The so-called "modaobuwukanchaigong", trying to find a good job, relaxed high income, the comparative analysis of course not. Buy goods than three, let alone work!

is now the information age, naturally looking for part-time information on the Internet is the mainstream. Network as the vast sea, what kind of posts have, many people tend to lose their way. Today, brothers may wish to point the way to everyone. On the Internet to find a part-time job, first of all to find a reliable, trustworthy, a large part of the site, the intermediary can not open a small website. I was in Shanghai, I usually find only part-time boarding at (now renamed the people network, as and Shanghai part-time nets  . The two can be said to be the site of the Shanghai area of authoritative information, at least I used to feel quite good. Look for information is not only convenient, and the efficiency is very high, the most critical is that the two is all free website, unlike some small information website, did not find it, let you first pay, the wrong.


introductory stage

I am a graphic designer, so I generally like to do some design work to do. Air conditioning can work at home, as well as money, very good. But occasionally do typing, ah, what the promotion, a lot of experience. After the site is clear, you can find their own information on the above, and then call or contact the online recruitment companies, to see what they have specific requirements. Here we must pay attention to, there are some introductory knowledge, according to the characteristics of the part-time work, targeted to introduce myself. I like the part-time network in Shanghai ( saw a promotional work, so I called in the past to introduce yourself, I would say more articulate, good promotion and sales, have also had this experience…… >

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