Some personal views on the recent performance of Google AdSense

since the Google search out of the country, Google this move on the development of Google AdSense in the country has a very bad impact. First of all, it is very important for advertisers to reduce their confidence in Google. This led to a decline in the amount of advertising Google AdSense.

I carefully analyzed the performance of Google AdSense since April, the results are very unsatisfactory.

the first point, a small number of ads. Now we carefully observe the words, it should be aware of their site on the Google AdSense recently released are Google AdWords promotion. Pictured:


second points, K station is more. I have a friend, hard to do a small station, IP500, regular standing, results Google AdSense account or in a few days before the K. Also, in many webmaster QQ group, advertising street, even the A5 forum has a lot of grassroots Adsense mentioned in his Google AdSense account was K, and even some large. Cnzz statistics can now look at, in April 18th found that cnzz statistics Google AdSense was also K. Pictured:


(Location: click on their own stand on the CNZZ statistics, in the bottom of the pop-up statistics page can be seen)

third points, the low price of advertising. Through the author’s own Chinese website Google AdSense data, other friends get the data are like this.

summary of the above, Google AdSense recent performance is not ideal, and Google search has a great relevance to exit the country. Baidu union audit is relatively relaxed, I believe Baidu is also adjusted for Google AdSense.

April 14th, soso search platform director Li Jing said: do not rule out the Tencent involved in network alliance, this to the webmaster is a good thing. But for Google AdSense that is a more powerful challenge for the future development of Google AdSense, we wait and see.

this article by the original webmaster, purely personal point of view

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