Huaxing capital chairman Bao fan interview business rules of the game

"rules of the game" is very familiar with the word, from small to large we have been experiencing, has been involved in, has been maintained. What is it? He is a way of thinking or acting in a way that everyone agrees with. What are the rules of the game that must be followed in the business?

do you want to choose your own business? Where are your core competencies? How to take the first step?. Please listen to Huaxing capital chairman and chief executive of the package where to take you into the business rules of the game.

host: Hello, everyone, welcome to our program today. Come to our studio guest today is the Renaissance package where the chairman and chief executive, let’s welcome mr..

guests: Hello everyone.

Moderator: package Hello, welcome you!

guest: very glad to be back in quality rice network.

anchor: you are very happy today came to our studio and young people face-to-face chat, today we talk about or from the start, we young people in self management and all aspects have some problems, especially want to hear your suggestions. We started with a small link called the Proust questionnaire, in order to let you more quickly and more directly understand you.

audience: Hello, what do you like about women?

host: or what qualities do you admire in a woman?

guests: kind.

host: in addition to good?

Guest: understanding


audience: package Hello, as a rich man, what do you think is the most extravagant thing?

guests: time. I am not a rich man, I understand that the rich are.

audience: Hello! What do you think is success? How do you understand success?

guests: success is free.

host: why is freedom


guests: do what you want to do, have their own life.

host: good.

audience: Hello, you want to ask the person or thing you love the most in life?

guest: I only love not love.

host: who is that?

: the first guest is my family, the second is actually me so many years business partners, colleagues, I think we could get together, together with vigour and vitality of a career is a fate, so these people are dear to each other as brothers to me.

audience: Hello bag! I would like to ask you about life >

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