Why can not make money online Entrepreneurship

network business, new words, there are a lot of people to participate in the Internet, the dream of millions of years to make, the company set up a year later, may? May, because many people through the Internet to build up the family fortunes, and the failure of the people are too many to count, this is why? The intentions of the people must know, because this is what is not difficult.

2006, a lot of hundreds of millions of dollars through the network, making millions of years, until now there are people in the operation of this project. Their business model is advertising alliance, is also called Wangzhuan, I get a contact network, the network to make money cheats, which provide two hundred kinds of ways to make money, a total of more than 20 thousand words. I was very excited, I would like to make a few hundred dollars a day, sleep at night, but this is not the case. I’ve been doing this for two months, and I’ve tried every way, but I didn’t make any money. In a chance, I saw Wang Tong (a member of the first batch of China in SEO optimization) SEO training website to learn SEO, 100% money, heart, want to learn, no money, they can not be reconciled, try holding the mentality of their website, looking for information, read all kinds of tutorial. Sleepwalk learn, and learn to use the SEO to your site integrity do website search engine first, you feel good, but I still do not earn money.

is it true that SEO can’t make money? Or am I too stupid to learn how to use it?. I believe that the network society SEO, only SEO people are now engaged in training the real money, SEO training is a project of their operations, and to participate in their training, people have learned SEO, SEO actually very simple, no training, snacks are also able to learn. Participate in the training of the 98% is not to make money, because there is no project, there is no project to adhere to, which is why the failure of entrepreneurship.

China’s SEO market is indeed very impressive, there are people who will choose to look at the Internet business, and many people are blind, do not know how to make money online model. I would like to start my own business friends want to learn SEO, but must do a preliminary investigation, in the absence of the premise of the project, do not eat it when the work. Wang Tong and many of the SEO Master said, very much violence project in life, just to see if you are good at that, I think the most violent project has two points, one is their use of SEO to create a long-term development of the personal website, two is the use of intelligent enterprises website, SEO optimization for the enterprise, income is good, smart people can think of. Why choose intelligent station, intelligent station building fast, easy to learn, but also in the functional aspects of the SME can fully meet the requirements, but also more conducive to intelligent station optimization SEO. Here we need to emphasize that not all of the intelligent station can achieve this effect, the intelligent station is not a self-help Station, here is a section of Baidu integrity.

original integrity of the station www.g448.co>

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