Thousand Taobao customers even from low key

people talk in online shopping, we are basically in the Taobao excellence and Dangdang, very few people to pay attention to in the rapid growth of the Taobao station, Ali is the rapid development of the static guide quietly Taobao customer shopping guide website. Ali shopping guide rarely media attention, it is difficult to see the difference between them in their simple appearance and other Taobao customers, then what is driving them in the rush?

simple entrepreneurial dream

today’s Internet situation is capital, money for flying situation, many startups are crazy in the capital under the drive of

advertising, if their overnight market, compared with the resourceful capital master, the founder of the old hole guide Ali is not "ideal" and "ambition", the old hole seems to be no investment in the field of electronic commerce interest. In the eyes of the old hole, Ali. Guide slogan is "honest, simple and efficient," the slogan of this seemingly simple, in fact there is a very big challenge, the old hole has privately said, "Ali shopping guide will only provide you the best and the most promising Taobao baby".

before doing business Taobao customers, the old hole has been a number of attempts to Internet entrepreneurs in the industry vertical portals, industry forum

and other fields have been explored, said he began to think of a hole in a more suitable for their own business options, after repeated thinking several entrepreneurial path, the old hole chose to do Taobao. Ali shopping guide domain name was very lucky to be registered with the old hole, the domain name is close to Alibaba, is also a very good record, but also very meaningful.

if the most Taobao guest website to live on Baidu and other search engines, the guide is Ali rely on the user experience, we open the Ali shopping guide website speed is very fast, very simple page. Site to take the most popular Baidu style home page, so that everyone at a glance. Old hole tells us: Ali shopping with Ali mother’s single page promotion, it is difficult to be included in search engines. There are advantages and disadvantages, the downside is that we can not find the basic search engine, the advantage is that the old hole never worried about the site was K, you can do a lot of rules in various places do not promote. So he is how to promote it? The old hole said he himself off from Taobao Taobao specific buy 5 7 bit QQ, set up 20 plus big 16 QQ group, plus home with someone else’s QQ group, a total of more than and 50 super qq group. Most of these Taobao army became Ali shopping guide customers.

A simple and effective style to guide

Ali in Taobao off the army, is suitable for Taobao habits and user experience, there is reason to believe that Ali will guide called Taobao customers in the next three years of the sample.

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