dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road serial eight

sometimes, I wonder whether the environment is now want instant success, some recent training is relatively hot, in fact I don’t think so, why don’t I not because I don’t have the ability to engage in training training, is now almost no threshold, what people can achieve to beg.

from the beginning of this chapter, I will use another way to teach you how to do some foreign things, a lot of people see others with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a check, envy, and want to go to the master, in fact, to see how some people do not see the level of training, he received much of his income checks. Has nothing to do with you, you need to see his students how income.

first, you must have the following conditions, are indispensable:

1, there is a certain level of English, see the article in addition to the translation of words need a dictionary, should not be a problem.

2, there are foreign collection address, if not, then, in theory, as long as you stand cattle B, China address is not a problem, the problem is that if you have cattle B station, you still need to be trained?

3, a foreign telephone, now more and more union need this is very important for the novice, for veteran, can do some do not need to call the application of the company, such as CJ, but the veteran would never tell you that the advertising.

at the same time, you need to have at least 10 domain names, as well as a support for multiple domain names or a number of foreign virtual host.

conditions of a solution to their own hard to learn a foreign language bar, do not understand no one can teach you, of course, you can please translate.

conditions two go to the forum to collect it, the current service to do more people, pay more attention to the reputation, as well as the person working time.

condition three to find someone to help you on behalf of the phone, it is necessary to prepare a SKYPE phone, this thing is more necessary in the country.

when you are ready for these things, in the next chapter, about the most basic, do English garbage station do Google Adsense. Here, by the way, many people say that it is difficult to apply Google Adsense, here I say a simple sentence, when you know that can solve the foreign address collection method, and then use SKYPE can resolve the phone to confirm the PIN code, GOOGLE ADSENSE almost you want to apply for the number of how many can apply to.

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