Lianmeng on the registration of multiple users and commission settlement Commission

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      1, the provisions of the union the same bank account information can only be registered once, and some webmaster have many websites, in order to facilitate the owners of separate domain statistics, maximize the interests of owners, the League opened a sub account management function.
      when a user first registered user name, the system default bank account information for this user name under the main account, if the owners want to add a new user name, you can add sub account number in the background of "user data" – "account management". Whether or not to add a few sub account owners, the system default account information for the first user account under the account, the monthly settlement, the Commission will be remitted to the main account.
    2、请已经在联盟注册过多个用户名的站长在收到此邮件后15天内,将要合并的用户名提交给联盟,发邮件至[email protected]邮件格式如下:
      主账号:[email protected] 密码:123456
                        Account number: 4367420225648142301
          sub account number: 1. [email protected] password: 123654

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