What are the early mistakes

life we tend to focus on success and ignore failure. But in the rapid development of the Internet industry, small companies tend to be high risk of innovation, very easy to fail. And entrepreneurs themselves may also make mistakes, every mistake can be fatal.

– is a truth over

Wang Xing back to the early start, I felt that I was not really so clear objectives, a clear decision, a sense of urgency.

The problem with

‘s first venture is that you don’t know what’s important. I read some book, Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) and so. Facebook is popular with early adopters, but he doesn’t know how important it is. He went to Silicon Valley once said that the project is not important Facebook, want to rely on Facebook to attract some users, really want to do is to do a download software. Later Sean · (Sean Parker) told Mark not to do anything else, do this right.

campus network in the year before and after the students’ day in the Department of electronics, Tsinghua University, attracted four thousand or five thousand registered users of the real name, but after the student party and not how to grow. After that, we also had a swing, wondering if we were going to do another project.

foreigners have a saying that a lot of people in a lot of time will be tripped by a truth, but most people will get up and continue to explore. You’ve been tripped by the right opportunity, but you don’t know that it’s a chance to go on and on.

it’s almost happened to us.

– to

Wang Hua saw a lot of things, a person just want to start a business, or to think or heard of an idea, or even just the existing work dissatisfaction, began the business.

passion is the first step, but entrepreneurship is not so simple thing.

first of all, do you really study and understand what you want to do? For example, Taobao shop is one of the most simple business. But even before this, do you have analyzed the sales volume and profit sources, etc. all categories of Taobao? Do you want the category, have you had sifted the goods and businessmen popular before several hundred? Front businesses and goods, have you analyzed them in recent months. Every single transaction, from product selection, pricing, comment? Supply, ranking, customer service, extended to the delivery if you studied? There is no industry veteran there learned experience? Have visited the supply? There is no investigation and analysis of your buyers groups


was an entrepreneur and talk to me, if I as an investor than he knows in his own want to do more, understand more deep, then I will not vote (capital), but will persuade him to go back.

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