Online advertising click fraud when Hugh

if asked about the profit model of Internet companies, as long as the Internet a little understanding of the people can give the answer, that is – online advertising. However, for their own interests, the network advertisement click fraud like every corner of a black spread to the internet. Reports from the media is more disturbing, network advertisement click fraud has become a black chain, voices can be heard without end advertisers: "Internet advertising click fraud when Hugh


in the country, the malicious click online advertising industry has been an open secret. In this regard, Wang Jianjun, vice president of Sohu, responsible for the search business, said: malicious click in China is showing a flood and can not control the situation." In foreign countries, Google is also due to advertising fraud hit the lawsuit, the final settlement of $90 million price. According to a survey report is expected in March 2007, Baidu’s average click fraud rate was 34%, while Google reached $24.1%. Such a high rate of fraud, will undoubtedly become a chronic poison of the online advertising industry. In the end is what makes online advertising click fraud how prevalent?.


keyword advertising is an advertising service search engine, with its advantages of the platform and launched, the key lies in the choice of the same keywords advertisers are ranked according to the level of bidding, bid higher advertising more forward. Whether it is Baidu, Google, or YAHOO, are currently taking CPC (pay per click) pricing model. This means that no matter who, just click on the ad, advertisers must pay, search engines and online advertising agents will be profitable. Because of this, online advertising click fraud will be so popular and quickly become a black industry chain.

In addition to

, another reason for the popularity of online ad click fraud is that online advertising revenue is the backbone of Internet companies. Baidu public information, Baidu’s revenue in 2006, ranking 80% of the share of ppc. According to several major search engine companies currently listed on the Nasdaq stock market report shows that some companies in fiscal year 90% more than $2007 of revenue from PPC business. It is precisely because the Internet advertising company can bring huge profits for the search engine returns, online advertising click fraud will be how rampant. There is no denying that the search engine companies from the technical to curb advertising click fraud, in the face of huge profits, many search engine companies are open eyes closed one eye. Baidu Inc up to 34% click fraud rate, it is intriguing.

obviously, the root causes of online advertising click fraud is still the search engine companies and online advertising agencies, and online advertising click fraud also hurt the interests of advertisers. In order to ensure their own interests, under the helpless advertisers can only choose to click fraud and low rate of search engine, click fraud rate as high as 34% Baidu abandoned domestic advertisers, because advertisers do not want their money dashuipiao, do not want their investment.

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