Wangzhuan experience share several suitable for new Wangzhuan

with the development of the domestic Internet is more and more fast, and more and more prosperous, it seems from the network to make money is not what difficult, in the prosperity of the network world, as long as you have a good idea, and good idea can become a Wangzhuan project, but also have different periods of Wangzhuan the project, especially the rapid development of the Internet era, Wangzhuan wave, a number of dead and live a group, as is the basis of Wangzhuan project such as PTC advertising to make money, make money, questionnaire Chinese registration task to make money, earn money by playing games, surfing, money to make money Witkey task. Learning website, advertising alliance, what CPA, CPC, and even those less legitimate, such as: s.s.c recruitment typist, HYIP investment and so on, of course, in the numerous network Make project, not all are suitable for everyone to do, now I share in this a few more suitable for new Wangzhuan project, if you can’t find a suitable Wangzhuan project you a new look at


1) pull off the assembly line, invite registration!

is the most common, a new project, is also the most Wangzhuan do to pull off the assembly line, not invited to register is no doubt the most don’t need technology, is the most suitable for the new Wangzhuan project, but not what technology does not necessarily indicate this Wangzhuan good to do, so do the Wangzhuan or you have to have extensive interpersonal relationship either, you can only release information everywhere, inviting registered and hard to pull off the assembly line, with the income will not in proportion, so Wangzhuan new people must be prepared to


2) paid publicity information released


whether it is in Witkey, or some webmaster forum can see employers for free publicity information, and this Wangzhuan although the price is not high, but wins in the absence of any difficulty, you do not need to put what the cost will be able to do so, take the QQ to help in the mass propaganda information of the task bar cloth, general as long as you in five QQ group released a message that even if a draft, a draft is 1 dollars, if you have free time, you can apply for a QQ account, then one hundred days QQ group re released promotional messages should be no problem, as long as you work hard, believe a month to earn one thousand or two thousand dollars should be no problem, if in the point, three thousand or four thousand is not possible, but as long as you can hold down, this is a hard to have


3) guest get commission Commission


is launched, is also suitable for beginners to do very good Wangzhuan project, the second half of 2011 Taobao customers should focus on Wangzhuan or new bird veteran’s attention, for the novice do not say Taobao passenger station. So we each have a blog, it will have QQ, forum posting, will write some text yourself, with blogs, forums, QQ space or you can do Taobao off, write a 200 word for the Taobao customer product promotion for small articles written by myself, not too good, write true, some.

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