Sheriff black hat taught you to do foreign Wangzhuan lead a monthly income of 30 thousand is very ea

Hello, I am black hat sheriff, in the Internet work has been more than 4 years, from the beginning to now can be said to go is very difficult, from the first three months of hard earned 10 knife is able to lead his team to do CPS, CPC, cpa. to achieve the annual income of 100

, originally I don’t do lead, but recently the apprentice received repeated requests about lead, and in July 1st, I will be in my blog, my students bright to do 5 days of receipt, absolutely everyone can more than 100 knives, welcome to my blog. Next

I will summarize how to do step by step lead:

What is the

lead, is to guide the registration in China called CPA, why not do domestic and abroad, choose to do it, because the domestic price as we all know, generally 2 – 5 Mao Mao, and union buckle quantity is more serious; the lead price is relatively high, a

as I now apprentice, I have suggested that they do about 5 knives, and very little deduction. Here’s how to do lead:

: the first to find foreign alliances, generally I recommend payment support PayPal alliance, which is on the new proposal, a coalition of a number of not more than 200 knives, easy loans, a computer can operate many of the alliance’s account, of course for foreign alliance is

difficult, it depends on your own to find a month to do 5 alliances is a knife, if you account more than 1000 operations, it will be more.

second: apply for the alliance, the next step is to apply for advertising, general application alliance 1-2 days will be approved, advertising for sometimes a long time point, need 1 days, 7 days, basically can apply to.

third: get the ad, first of all, you go to find a cracked version of me, because the more expensive genuine, crack version is cheaper, and then go to buy some HTTP agents, brush display.

fourth: do the task, with S5 to do the task, the proportion of general control within 2%.

note: novice do not do an alliance of 1000 knives, the union audit is very strict, and do not operate a computer more than one account, if this is basically determined you will be K.

, of course, there are many details, we need to pay attention, you can also join the black hat sheriff Q group: 153503533 learning and exchange, for reprint please indicate: black hat (, thank you.

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