Where is the potential of the nternet Content resources will become the support point

here with the car Internet to refer to the car and the Internet industry. In the automotive field, I do a lot of investment, including: BITAUTO, China auto rental, excellent letter shot, car car, etc.. Talk about this topic, very interested. Americans will expand into the Internet mobile phone, all of a sudden, the very influential social networks are a bit inferior by comparison, was robbed of the limelight. Mobile Internet swept almost all industries. Most people’s lives, property and cars cost are the most important two pieces. Real estate investment, car consumption. Automotive Internet will certainly eye-catching.

front and rear mounted. Front loading refers to the equipment or system installed in the car before the car into the car, after loading refers to the factory, the owner of the purchase of equipment, services, their own or service agencies to help install. If the system is to be installed, it is necessary to establish a good communication with the original manufacturers, through the original manufacturer’s test, get permission. The whole business is B2B mode, manufacturers tend to be relatively strong. After the installation of the need to establish sales channels, according to the ease of installation of equipment to determine whether the need for service providers to participate, may be B2B, it may be B2C. Even B2B, the channel relative to the original manufacturers, the general will not be very strong. This business is very important to their own brand.

first said B2B business. Intelligent vehicle system, such as the Ford SYNC voice technology, modern automobile intelligent system based on MirroLink, GM’s built-in entertainment information system, are the basic needs of front loading. In addition, OBD related businesses, often require manufacturers to cooperate, because this type of data is not completely open. There are Telematics, which is a very historical industry, major car manufacturers are also very keen, such as: General Motors OnStar, TOYOTA G-Book, BMW iDrive, Mercedes Benz Command, Ford Wingcast, etc.. One thing is clear, in the past these systems are not based on the mobile Internet, and now should be in this direction. China’s growing number of domestic cars, it seems that there is a good opportunity for Telematics equipment manufacturing and service providers.

talk about personal business. Light mode of taxi, car rental, driving on behalf of the rapid rise in the country, these are directly facing consumers. Taxi difficult birth shook the car, fast taxi, the role is convenient for users to take a taxi, the driver is also less take the wrong road. But now the fare increase mode, regulators may be disguised as a reason to stop prices. There is no price factor, due to the original taxi is difficult, the driver may install interest will weaken. Well done abroad is ZipCar, was Avis $500 million acquisition. RelayRides and Silvercar are emerging. This part of the main problems of domestic or driving and the so-called "black car" problem. But overall, the face of personal services or products is a very dynamic market, but also the most prone to innovation. Maybe when a big company was born.

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