Malone Dragon novice owners to be careful to guard against the temptation of the four


recently wrote a few articles, there are many of my friends told me how to make money through the exchange, communicate with them, I found that they now operate the project very vulgar, but few of the others came in, not what operating income after a period of time, according to the original expectations is not achieved, but depressed, I summed up the following four conditions we must be cautious, hope for the novice friends can help.

1: join agent

have a friend listen to join the XX network is very good, as long as the pay agency fees, then the development of agents can be, but XX business is very good, so trusting others, to join the project, is the national nature of the classification information of the regional agency, if it is like 58. Such people network has little visibility even sadly, even the name of the site is the first time I heard, but also to open the site in 20 seconds, the layout of this form of out of order, agent has been through the survival of the fittest, shuffle washed dry static, as long as a little bit on the Internet people are not fooled.

there is a saying: every year there is a fool, a fool every year, he did not leave, I do not mean to say that someone is a fool, but at least they are too hasty, too credulous, usually the crowd gathered at the age between 30-40 years old, lack of understanding and Research on the internet.

2: Taobao guest

Ma Yun said come up with 500 million return personal webmaster, then the money to be earned?

: Taobao off the charts, these are generally large companies such as PPS, almost no personal webmaster figure;

two: as far as I know some personal webmaster play black Taobao play off also earned, even Taobao passenger staff with ass behind them to do Taobao customers, they are generally realized by the technology intercepted a large flow or personal desktop computer control.

three: media and mature community sites, such as and other large media, like the express pass this unit, there are regional community websites also have mature Taobao customers, of course, is to make money, so short but to reach this level is not like the others say can be achieved.

These people

that make money, who did not earn money? In Taobao X 100 guest day in training, to join Taobao soft guest army no experience, to know that because these people join led to the development of IDC.

3: generation delivery

shipped with Taobao customers are similar to some extent, is based on a stable and effective flow, the delivery is nothing more than adult stuff, watches, electronic products, such things to sell must be related to the consumer groups to buy, so if the people you can’t find the words, you don’t go together, because even with the flow rate is the percentage of orders, etc., you use the traditional thinking and steps to create a >

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