Website how to choose the site of the Union

      how to use the site to make money is a personal webmaster and site operators are concerned with the problem of adding website alliance is one of the main ways to achieve the site to make money, through the network alliance advertising on its Web site, making the site visits into income. Now various forms of network alliance countless, how to choose the right website alliance through the site to make money?

      network money is full of temptation and there are a lot of fraud and bad factors, and some even become a veritable network marketing, while others cheat the site but did not pay commission. But overall the regular network alliance is still the mainstream, but mostly by well-known websites, such as Baidu, YAHOO, Google, eBay,, and, these large sites good reputation, not only can guarantee the payment of members of the Commission, and provide the commission policy usually is relatively good, can bring good income for the webmaster.

      Web Alliance (terminology called network marketing membership or affiliate marketing) is essentially a pay for performance in the form of online advertising, which is advertising on its website, when visitors have a certain behavior (such as click advertising, download, registration, purchase etc.), and advertisers to pay according to the commission. So make money through the site is a legitimate mode of operation of the site, and the way to make money from the Internet to make an essential difference between fraud. For the site to pay the Commission ad advertising is the main provider of Network Alliance Program sites, such as Yahoo, Dangdang, excellent network, Baidu theme promotion, Google Adsense, etc.. These sites have a high degree of credibility, if these well-known Web site alliance advertising for your site, select a well-known website alliance is the preferred site to make money.

      the following is part of the well-known site alliance and the application address, according to their website content and user characteristics to choose (can be a combination of different alliance mode):

      · website alliance, according to the recommended users to achieve sales commission, as long as the legitimate Web content has no requirements for site visits: now join website alliance

      · excellent web site alliance, according to the recommended users to achieve sales commission Commission, without the need to audit the real time: now apply to join the excellent network site alliance

      · Sogou site alliance, click on the ad to pay commission, as long as the site content is not legal requirements for site visits, the need for manual audit: now apply to join Sogou alliance


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