Network to make money on the site as the premise should continue to understand e commerce

network is known how to make? Earned five digit possible? How to make their sites become synonymous with the Internet?… though as this problem, each of US internet people often consider these, then how can we from the Internet to Amoy gold? Rely on Google ads, Baidu alliance or other, my answer is: are you going to do e-commerce.

, a clear purpose to establish the direction of technology to make money, marketing their own line, relying on Google Baidu advertising has become a lot of money to become owners keen. Whether Google or Baidu lady master rely on advertising to make you always ideal number of cattle stationmaster of a lot are aware of this point, a simple example, we all know that weight stand put Google Baidu advertising, advertising not only, and a single click on the price a lot, but this always will reach a bottleneck, the annual income of more than five digits of the poor, careful Adsense will find a lot of cow weight stations began selling slimming products, this is a very good case to electronic business transformation, slimming products profit not that we all know, a lot more than Google Baidu advertising revenue. It is recommended that either the old or new webmaster webmaster should consider money making ideas, in a clear, end to do market research station, be targeted. Agent products do e-commerce or physical shops are a good choice. Network big success, you may wish to consider, if there is no risk investment, there are several can be boarded the throne? Do ordinary people, as usual, earn more money than ordinary people. Go their own way, others, or listen to good!

two, select the domain name to increase the weight of the network to make money to read Baidu Google, pay attention to search engines. Whether it is personal website website in the early stage of development from Baidu Google that basically is useless, in the Internet industry, "Baidu" has almost become synonymous with the Internet, the website to make someone must see, it may generate profits, pupils are aware of Baidu, but your name again to remember others may not be to remember, so the choice of Baidu love domain is represent the general trend. The better the domain name, the more likely to be recorded Baidu search, the better the domain name is the easier to do SEO, this sentence remains to be verified. The emergence of the Internet "dump" of the new term after 2007, because a lot of people a lot of acquisition, resulting in a search because of repeated information from large flood, 07 years after Baidu Google began to inventory "dump", 07 years before the domain name is the default for the good domain name, this is also in line with common sense. So we do stand should choose 07 years ago, the old domain name, so that you can have a good ranking in Baidu, with a profit ranking.


site do little to do fine "the Internet has developed to the team of the times!" Cai Wensheng in the Internet Conference said, "the Internet by personal era has ended". Have a lot of people, especially the new owners just began to stand, head, blood boiling, "to be the first China * * * * station", neither did the market.

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