On the Google ad said NO

Hello! GG I do more than a year! But now I finally gave up he knows why? Is not the problem of cheating is not because cheating is K off! I have never cheated! But I will fall off after K K email is still we find your site invalid click. According to the meaning of Google said Khan must ensure that 100% is not invalid


is simply a power hegemony. We make money is hard but in some of our webmaster pay a letter after the return is a stereotyped ruthless mail. So cold! So we don’t hit the station. We should resist and reflection? We must unite to come together! Get him out of Chinese.

so I suggest doing GG or do you consider a friend please do friends are likely to be empty. Get ready for


do you need to pay you will find that he is ready to K off you! If that is all what? Just for the 7.1 of the exchange rate? If so it is not the pursuit of


I don’t do it! I won’t do anything for me to do the advertising marketing! Anyway to more dependable and practical at least I get to see is money! Not like this thing is always a group of visible without digital


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