Please make every effort to make money online

As a novice just contact to make money online, not only simple, but also need to learn some knowledge, here, we will step by step guide, so that you grasp the methods and skills of making money online as soon as possible to earn your first paycheck.

first, most of the websites that make money online now are foreign websites, which requires you to have a good foreign language. However, even the poor English do not have to worry, as long as you have a little bit of English foundation, and then through the use of words such as: Kingsoft, orient express such translation software can, actually can see almost 60%-70%.

second, English address translation. It seems not a problem, but if a little wrong, probably a few months of income would not receive. In particular, some foreign money in the registration site, not Chinese, if you Chinese percent do not receive money! Because you fill out these Chinese characters in the foreigner is displayed on the screen is a bunch of garbage! So be sure to use English fill, if not for English, pinyin can, as long as the Chinese postman can see it.

third, now some of the popular Internet Banking:

such as E-gold, papal, moneybooker, strompay, etc., for more details see this forum "Internet banking" Fid=31

know all of these, we are most concerned about is how to get us to earn dollars, which will according to different companies have different ways, some support Check (check), when you make him pay minimum prescribed number of times, the company will earn you money to be mailed to your address. By means of checks, and most of the company, in addition to check, also support network money. To check the benefits is not necessarily can achieve higher amount of money, even if only 0.01 dollars can also be money. There are several money out from the network inside the bank take way: one is to sell them to other users to obtain cash; two through an intermediary company will transfer money into the cheque to China, but to charge a fee, see Tid= 5369& extra=page%3D1; the moderator converted several times, each time 10 on arrival.

fourth, registration and make money also need to pay attention to:


make money in the registration and use of mail company, it is noteworthy that is registered and received mail money when, as in the time of registration, some interesting option is to see if you carefully select settings, such as " I am Cheat (I was a liar) & quot >;

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