Wangzhuan tell take the time to waste time physical Wangzhuan Wangzhuan analysis

network is better than the bond market, bond market and money without money or 28, and the network to make money and no money is simply a disproportionate share of money less than 0.1% 5, do not make money accounted for ninety-nine percent of the 5, because ninety-nine percent of the people are staying at the click, hook, mail and so on do not make money in the industry, only a handful of people rushed out of the magic circle, and ultimately to the success of wangzhuan.

is now on the search engine to search, manual Wangzhuan have accounted for more than ninety percent, the most influential is nothing more than a few clicks, investigation, mail, coding and so on the site, do not enter these can do Wangzhuan novice, novice is always from the project to start up. The influence of free website, not by higher person is hard work, doing manual work to make money, says bluntly, do this with the reality in the dishwasher, the waiter does not have what difference, this is not the most valuable, not hard, but few money. There are too many people left on the network, as long as there is no one who will be on the Internet now, when the surplus labor is too much time, these physical activities of the exploitation of a layer, you can earn how much, 1 months to earn 100 you are happy. From these conclusions are: engage in physical money, not only can not make money in the past, and now can not make money, the future can not make money, regardless of the reality or network are interlinked!

if you are doing these physical Wangzhuan, urge you to give up, can not earn money are not what great things, waste their precious time and youth do you think it is worth? Do these Wangzhuan is not only a waste of time but also learned the true technology, no experience, why do. So why do the webmaster have recommended these projects? The reason is very simple, you are a little of what you know, do these Wangzhuan need lots of referrals, 1 referrals a day when the income of 1 yuan, 100 referrals, 1 days to sit playing is 100 yuan, so be sure to do a lot of people and want to do, they will not tell the real money for you, will only let you give him when offline. A webmaster don’t do this, let him do SEO can not earn a penny, based on these, the webmaster is good advice for you to do these physical wangzhuan. This is from the project you are doing this, please put these physical Wangzhuan down. You do more, others are doing.

only to throw away these physical Wangzhuan you have more time to think, what should I do? What kind of project money? What kind of project is not for others to do the wedding dress? You don’t code today, do not click, just earn a few dollars, but you have figured out the truth, bring is hundreds of times the income, why not give up your physical Wangzhuan, do some real money Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, physical always can not earn money, if you understand, you learn to think, please take out your actions, learn some network technology, network data preparation, multi look at the analysis of the network market, you can immediately find a new project to make money.


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