Wangzhuan blog most people can’t make money on the blog

is a Wangzhuan topic all the time, one of the station is the main way to Wangzhuan, blog popularity is very high, for the construction of the blog to make money is very desirable, however, had to remind you that you have to give up the idea, make money from a blog because the blog does not give you a lot of income.

: your first blog special attention?? the blog has infinite, and to the infinite talent shows itself in the blog, this is not an easy thing, if you want to get to choose talent shows itself, special topic, through this topic, to attract everyone’s attention, as more when people pay attention to this blog, you can earn a lot of money from a blog, of course, this model is a price to pay.

: do you have a second advantage? The real money blog, they write in the blog at the same time, is also in the service marketing related, which is selling technology, selling products, such as: the WordPress blog is more popular, so someone will set up a blog, selling customized template theme, using its own technical advantages WordPress, sell additional products related to this, you have


again: you have extended thinking? The development thinking is what! If you don’t have a web development technology, then, you can also have other advantages, now a lot of SEO training, network promotion training, many are relying on the early blog, write a brilliant article, then into marketing mode, this mode of thinking and profit, you will use



: finally you will spend a lot of time on the blog? Write a blog and not three days fishing nets two days of drying, so that if you can only say that blogging as a pastime, not money, want to make money blogging, want to take sharp language talent shows itself, and spend a lot of time, these it is essential, if every day you do not have time to do your blog, take what money you say


is not easy to make money blogging, big money is not feasible, reliable, and for most people, from the blog to obtain income the possibility is very small, but it may reap other benefits, harvest good contacts, is very good, if you have read head on the blog to get rich, it is as soon as possible from


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