Make them proud

The quality of the products and services provided by the supplier is the key to any success. In the case of NASA, the success or failure of a space mission depends on the quality of the components supplied by our contract supplier.

years, real value I know more clearly that to maintain a good relationship with suppliers. My project is usually high tech, high research value, internal (in-house) work. Internal refers to the main role of the main contractor’s customers, and we act as the system designers and integrators of a large number of suppliers. Experience has taught me that when suppliers view themselves as valuable members of the task force, they are more likely to help us achieve our goals. Performance is directly proportional to the degree of integration between the supplier and the project team.

in each of the start of the project, I will be in the official selection of suppliers, immediately welcome all suppliers to join the task team, I will try to visit their factory, with their staff, and they share the exciting mission and I to the success of the mission vision and commitment. I also actively open up channels of communication with senior management to promote two-way feedback during the effective period of the contract. I hope every employee of the supplier can feel that he or she is critical to the success of the mission. I often hear employees express their pride when they see the successful launch of the NASA spacecraft with their components installed.

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